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Have you noticed your game going down hill? Are you not getting the spin and better contact that you deserve? Do you want to keep your clubs clean without washing and drying them off?• If you are looking for a way to improve your golf game, then you need this golf club cleaning tool. Keeping your clubs clean from dirt and grime you will have better contact off the club face (sweet spot) and better spin to help the ball stick to the green and shape the ball. • This golf brush has a solid construction made out of strong plastic and rubber for a better grip.• Two sided bristles (wire and nylon) for cleaning your woods and irons, pointed pick to get into the grooves or the spikes on your shoes.• 2ft retractable zip-line for getting to it when you need it. • SUPERIOR BUNDLE!! TWO PACK - This comes with two brushes that are two different colors. Have one that is Red & Black and another that is Grey & Black. Ideal for gifts or keep one around just in case you lose the other.• So what are you waiting for? Do you want to have a better game and enjoy the game instead of being frustrated? Add this to your cart and watch how this simple thing can help your golf swing/game. The SportsVolt Golf Club Cleaning Brush is made for any golfer and designed by golfers.

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